Our Pow Wow’s Rassemblement de la route des Sauvages takes place in August of every year. This event that started humbly enjoys now a certain reputation in our community and our region. A small Pow Wow…of high quality…

This family event aims to bring together First Nation’s artists, craftsmen and their guests. This celebration will allow our members and many Lower St-Laurent visitors to better understand our traditions, our culture, our history…New in 2012, the cultural partnership between Cacouna Municipality and Maliseet of Viger First Nation continues. Titled «Deux Nations Une Fête» features « Festival historique de Cacouna» and « Rassemblement de la route des Sauvages » (sixth edition).

The 2015 edition will be held August 1st and 2nd.
During these two days we will celebrate «Maliseet of Viger First Nation’s» culture and guests, through demonstrations of our knowledge, arts and crafts booths, open creative workshops, speakers, screening of films about the Maliseet Nation history, interpretation of the First Arrival’s customs, music and sampling of traditional food. All of these family oriented events are free.

Photos taken by VMFN staff, and notably by the Cultural Development Officer

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