Education and Health

Maliseet students may have their post-secondary studies financed by programs form Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).
Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSP)
University College Entrance Preparation Program (UCEPP)

Those programs aims at increasing the graduation rate among the Aboriginal students. The school must be an establishment recognized by INAC (College, University) and also the type of degree (ACS, DSC, B. A., or other higher degree)
Here are some INAC requirements, where budget allows:
-Be a registered Maliseet of Viger Indian (054)
-Have a high school diploma
-Having been accepted in a recognized education establishment
For more information, contact the Health and Education Agent

Here is the politic : education-policy-2016-17_001


Health Canada provides The First Nations and Inuit Hop for Wellness Help Line

Health Canada’s national NIHB Program provides health services based on the needs of the peoples of First nations and of the Inuit. It funds some requests for medication, dental care, eye care, medical supplies and equipment, emergency interventions in mental health and transportation for medical purposes.

Your Health Benefits – Booklet : your-health-benefits-booklet

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