Economic and community development   (free translation)

Over the past years, Maliseet of Viger First Nation’s (MVFN) Council, has seen to the development of means and measures to facilitate the community’s economic and social development.

MVFN’s economic and community development is a major factor in the emergence of members’ autonomy and meets its needs and expectations, create an environment conductive to the development of entrepreneurship as well as the creation of sustainable jobs in collaboration with regional actors and partners.

The Société de gestion Toku is the tool set up by MVFN to enable community members and Council to manage various projects. Services offered by The Société de gestion Toku include:

  • Technical assistance to assists developers in elaborating their business plans ;
  • Research on funding opportunities;
  • Management of different MVFN’s economic projects;
  • Community representation on different economic issues and community partnership;
  • Strategic oversight for community business opportunities and/or potential local and regional partnerships.

For more information, please contact us at:

Sandra Tremblay

Economic and community development coordinator

217, de la Grève St. Cacouna (Québec)  G0L 1G0 Tolle-free: 1 888 399-2393 Phone: 418 860-2393 Fax : 418 867-3418 Email: