pnp_1800_jacques-tremblayQey.  Greetings. Welcome to the Maliseet of Viger First Nation’s Website.
The new governance team took office in the summer 2016, which gave the elected members the opportunity to become familiar with the numerous issues we are facing. As Grand Chief, I was immediately involved in a wide range of meetings with our Council, the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, various government departments, including INAC, the ministère des Transports du Québec on the issue of Highway 85/185, as well as the government negotiations concerning the Cacouna Port.  Last September 21, I att ended the “Coalition of Innu, Maliseet and Micmac Nations for the protection of the St. Lawrence and Anti costi  hydrographic basin” which included a press conference held at Gespeg.

Over the past weeks, the Band Council met with the Elders Council to inaugurate an initi al contact; this meeting allowed us to review various fi les in an atmosphere of respect.

coalition-3-chefsIn my role as Grand Chief, I am committed to advancing our way of governance through increased transparency. This is a challenge which will focus mainly on making a clear disti nction between our political activiti es and our administrative activiti es. I am pleased to announce that the review of our internal structure is well underway and this new direction will have a major impact on the role and the responsibilities of our elected officials. Through team work, as well our faultless focus on ethics, we have every hope of reaching objectives that will be beneficial to all the members of our First Nati on, as we rally around projects that will become a source of hope for the future.

Socio-economic development is, without a doubt, one of our main priorities and we are now considering several opportunities which will help to create jobs in the community, develop our businesses and reach a new level of collective prosperity. We have completed the rebuilding of our Management Company, TOKU, and this economic development tool will help us focus on positive results over the next months, thanks to the involvement of members of the Nation.

The defence of our rights is another important priority, including land claim rights, consultations and accommodations, and culture.  Currently under consideration is the possibility of developing a more coherent organizational structure in order to reach our objectives.

We are also pleased to inform you that last September 30, we received confirmati on by way of a Decree of the Privy Council of Canada that Point Cacouna is being added to the Reserve.

image011_point-de-presse_conseilIn order to keep our members and other persons interested in the reality of our milieu up-to-date, we have decided to increase our communications outreach to ensure that we are able to follow the development of important issues. We hope that you consult our internet site regularly because it is not only a showcase but also an additional means to keep the conversation going. We wish to thank the staff  of the Communications Sector of the First Nations Education Council (FNEC), who have not only provided great support but have also provided us with the benefits of their extensive experience in working with many different First Nations communities. They have provided us with judicious advices and technical support to improve our own technical communications. I think you will appreciate the new changes we have made to the internet site, including a “News” section, which will keep you informed of current highlights and issues.

image014_grand-chef-et-mairesseIn addition to the conventional communications that we maintained, such as our general assemblies and community announcements sent by mail, we intend to develop in a very near future an additional communications tool, specifically designed for the members: an “Intranet”. The new Intranet, which was developed with the support of FNEC, will be launched in a few weeks and will provide reserved electronic access to all the members of the MVFN with whom we intend to share public information reserved exclusively for MVFN members. We will keep you posted about the date of the launch of this tool, but members should also remember that their elected representatives are available to them at all-ti me through various channels.

It is also our intention to maintain harmonious relationships with people from our milieu, by strengthening our relationships with other First Nations, local and regional elected offi  cials, our colleagues and business partners, as well as with the local population and the media representatives.  We wish to reinforce open communications in order to create a sustainable network of relationships that will enhance the values, the needs and the interests of our First Nation.

Woliwon.  Thank you.

Jacques Tremblay
Grand Chief of the Maliseet of Viger First Nation